Tony Roberts – Farlows Prep Pays Off

16th January 2019

Tony Roberts turned his attention to the famous Farlows complexin the early part of January and with a little preparation of the swim experienced some superb winter angling…

“I walked the lake twice finding fish in shallow areas in numerous areas of the lake. I decided to prime my chosen area of the lake without fishing the area for 36 hours, to build the fish’s confidence. I was able to watch the fish feed in 2-3 ft of water which was lovey to see in January. When I first started baiting it there were 3 or 4 fish in the area. After the 36 hours I had 9 fish competing for the bait. It was time to get a rod in of course! Within 2hrs I’d caught the 25lb fully I had been feeding on the edge spot. I then rested the swim for a little, while trickling in small amounts of feed. After a few hours the fish were really confident once more. I lowered the rod back in and a small common of 18lb was the next one to make a mistake, the smallest fish I’d seen in the area. Throughout the night, all fell quiet but early next morning I caught the 36lb 5oz mirror, my biggest fish from Farlows! Happy days!

Tony baited with around 5kg of Sticky Baits manilla (crushed), Manilla pellet and sweetcorn to get the fish confident over the course of his trip. He fished Multi rigs constructed from Thinking Anglers Tungskin hooklink in 25lb breaking strain to ensure a stealthy presentation.”


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