Sam Verstreken – Belgian Beast

10th August 2020

Sam Verstreken gets to work on a lovely Belgian pit…

After a couple of buzzy weeks I was more than happy to squeeze in 2 nights of fishing on a lake that I was planning to fish this summer. Seeing the nice location of this lake and the lovely stock in there I was more than keen to finally give it a good go.

A few hours after arriving at the lake, I saw a couple of shows in the same area and after further investigation I found a few spots that looked suitable to present a bait. I gave the different spots a good spread of bait with The Krill active boillies (16 & 20mm) and bloodworm pellets hoping to get them feeding. This seemed to be the right tactic, seeing that the first night had produced 2 lovely fish, a nice looking long common of 35lb 11oz and a 26lb 14oz scaly mirror. Due to the conditions during daytime (very high air pressure and high temperatures) it wasn’t a surprise that all stayed quiet but I was feeling quite optimistic for the night ahead.

Once again I had baited up the spots quite heavily hoping to repeat the same scenario of the first night. At 2am I received a vicious take and after a strong battle I was lucky enough to net a specially built 40lb 9oz common, really happy with this one! Just after getting the rod back out to the spot another rod was away resulting in a 21lb 9oz mirror. After this the fish all went quiet again but I was already more than happy with the result. A really enjoyable session with the 40lb+ common being the icing on the cake. Hopefully more successes will be had over the next few sessions on this lovely lake.”

Cheers for your catch report Sam, keep them coming!



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