Tom Loraine – Manor Momentum

27th August 2019

Tom Loraine has kept up the momentum throughout the summer and his successful style of angling has meant his catch rate shows no signs of slowing up!

“I thought I’d send over a couple from a recent session on the Essex Manor. Following on from the July Captures I’ve managed to nick a couple of bites from each trip with the last two being these. Fish weights are very low for the manor but it has meant that the banks are more quiet and therefore able to move onto fish if and when they show themselves. 

After turning up and hearing the lake hadn’t done a bite for 4 days I was keen to locate the carp and started in the middle of the lake after seeing two shows, short up the shelf. The night passed and after hearing a couple to my right I decided to move just after first light. 

These two were caught after a move from observing a few shows a few swims down and within an hour I had one of the oldest fish in the lake known as Popeye at a spawned out 36lb 7oz. I followed this up with a stunning little fully of 27lb 4oz the next morning. Both caught on my 35lb Tungskin hinges and TA Out-Turned Eye size 4 hooks. Fishing over 1kg of Glugged Krill 16 and 12mm into a depression in the soft silt.”

By using an efficient rig with confidence in the components, Tom fishes in an efficient manner using watercraft and experience to locate the carp and angle for them with minimum fuss. With some amazing success behind him already this year, we are sure to be seeing more of Tom this coming autumn! 


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