Johnny Haars – A quick escape…

13th July 2020

Johnny Haars makes good his escape after tough times on his target water…

My spring campaign of ’21 was not really one to remember. After countless blank nights on a new target water, after spawning I couldn’t wait to make a quick escape to a French public lake to freshen up my mind.

Four nights of leave were quickly arranged, and I couldn’t wait. After a nice journey I arrived just after first light. After a quick look around the first reservoir I had in mind, it turned out to be nice and quiet. Even though the water level was high, I still spotted some fish in the central part of the lake. After finishing my tour around the lake (and even checking out another lake as well) I made the decision. I suspected this to be quite a good area, I quickly set up in the swim. I went for a light and spread baiting approach, spreading the rods around in the hope to get a quick bite to see where fish would feed.

After an uneventful first night, by mid-morning I was off the mark, catching two nice mid-thirty mirrors. In the afternoon I managed to bag another two nice mirrors of 39 and 41 pounds. After this nice result the confidence was back, and I changed tactics slightly in the hope to bag a big one.

The next two nights went by without action, but I remained confident, because I knew it could happen. And the longer the wait, the bigger the fish I always like to say. In the afternoon happened what I hoped for, I received a nice slow take. The fish got stuck twice but with the aid of the boat and strong end tackle all went well.  After a nice slow fight with a heavy feeling fish from the boat, a huge mirror slipped up on the surface. This was the reward I was hoping for. The deep bodied mirror was clearly spawned out, but still weighed 58lbs 3oz – I was well chuffed to get my first big one of the year. The last morning, I caught another nice small mirror while packing up, leaving the lake with a smile.

Tactics-wise, I tend to stick with just boilie fishing on such big reservoirs to avoid any nuisance fish. The rigs were straight forward bottom bait rigs, made from 25lb Camsoft with size 4 Curve Shanks. Simple, strong and reliable is all you need on these kinds of venues.

Cheers Johnny Haars



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