Lance Barton – Christchurch Carve Up

28th May 2019

I’ve been sitting here now for ten minutes not knowing where to start or what to say. I don’t think there is any way of getting down on paper what happened that session, but I’ll give it my best shot in the shortest way possible.

It was an incredible few days where all the planets aligned and it was just my time. The session built perfectly from start to end and started with a beautiful low 20 common from a small opportunity in a day only swim. After sleeping beside that swim for a couple of nights just fishing the days waiting to get in a more permanent swim, peg 10 came free and I did one night in there again just biding my time waiting for a swim down the other end of the lake. 

The swim I was waiting for was one called ‘The New Dig’, it was a swim in form and I’d secured it with a bucket on my arrival behind another angler. With a move from 10 to 21, a peg opposite ‘The New Dig’ I felt close but with that 24hours drawing to a close with a dry net I found myself in the swim I’d been waiting for with three rods out.

A bite came in the early hours the next morning and the session trickled on nicely from there. Baiting the main spot in the morning after reeling in and surface fishing the days was the tactic while the weather allowed, and then dropping rods back onto the spot in the evening. A fish called Heartleys at 38lb 8oz, broke a surface pb on the second day along with a low thirty common and a few mid to upper 20s.

On the second to last day the weather id been waiting for came so the surface gear was put away. The only way of describing the next 48hrs is complete and utter carnage, Two tone 36lb 8oz, Baby Perch 43lb 4oz, Mc’Coys 32lb 9oz, a stunning 31lb 8oz linear, 28lb 12oz half linear, Adidas fish 39lb 10oz, Perch 39lb 15oz, and to finish, Single Scale at 44lb 12oz.

I finished my 8 night session with 15 fish, I really don’t know what more to say, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something at a later date. 

Just a massive thanks to Sticky Baits and Thinking Anglers for their support. I’ve gained some hellish confidence in the current available end tackle and also some new bits due to be released from TA, never letting me down at any point with every bite landed. I’ve been on the Krill now since March and I can’t begin to tell you how much the trickiest of carp love it, if it’s got Krill written on the bag its going in my mix, and with every fish passing it on the mat each time I let out a little grin as I knew I’d got them hooked before they were on the end.


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