Tom’s Spring Hots Up

24th May 2019

We catch up with Tom as his spring campaign really hots up and with consistent baiting and good observation through the dark hours the bites kept on coming.

Having joined the Thinking team last year Tom was keen to test the new range of terminal products to see what would suit his angling style. He soon found his niche and the confidence levels soared with the passing weeks. We don’t think it will be long until Tom achieves his goal!

And so the run continues…..

I’ve been very fortunate to keep them coming with only the odd blank night in the past 6 months. 

I’d been arriving at the lake in the dark due to my business being very busy since the start of the year, but this wasn’t an issue. The carp had been giving their whereabouts away just after dark so turning up late often gave me the chance to decide on which one of my baited areas to fish. 

The bite times changed over the past month as they usually do going into spring and I found those early morning bite times like clockwork and quickly saw my tally rise and with that came a few of the lakes larger residents. 

I’d slowly been introducing Krill into my Manilla and bloodworm Combo as I like to move onto the fishmeals at this time of the year and this seemed to pick out a few of the ones I hadn’t had yet. 

Due to the areas now being so firm and devoid of any weed or debris I opted to change the Combi Hinges slightly making both the boom section and hinge shorter, this paid off almost instantly as the next three carp to show up were all over 30lb. 

It’s looking like the carp are now into spawning mode with many of the lakes in the area starting to close for a few weeks, so I’ll be back after this period to carry on hopefully where I left off, in search of the lakes real gem and pretty much the last remaining one for me to catch, and a lovely old carp it is indeed.

Mega angling here from Tom, consistency is always key to success but those little tweaks that come from experience and observation often make all the difference! 


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