Think Link – Available Now!

6th March 2020

Think Link is our forthcoming super-strong, low memory hooklink – tested and trusted by Oz Holness, Gaz Fareham, Scotty K, Marcus Howarth and Byron Etwell.

Many of our Thinking Anglers have always been keen advocates of the stiff D-Rig arrangement for wafters and balanced bottom baits. The simple D-Rig has accounted for many of our consultants’ best carp – renowned for tangle-free casting, secure hook-holds and resetting itself if disturbed, we didn’t think it could be be bettered.

After conducting some strength tests on some materials we’ve all used before, we were surprised to find how weak and inconsistent they could be. Along came the first samples of Think Link, which behaved just how we liked; stiff enough to withstand tangles, yet supple enough to allow the hook to turn and take its hold quickly. Our tests revealed that the 0.55mm Think Link (what we settled on calling ’30lb’) broke at nearly 36lb, over double the strength of our favoured materials we’d all used for years. 

Think Link is an incredibly strong, low-memory stiff rig material, ideal for the construction of D-rigs and boom sections. It works with blood, grinner, perfection and figure eight loop knots but can also be used with appropriately sized crimps. Thanks to the low memory, it behaves beautifully and straightens well under tension with steaming, or heat from friction.

Available now from all good stockist. Visit the Stores section on the website for your closest supplier.

Available in 25lb and 30lb breaking strains on 20m spools.
TATL25 – 25lb Think Link (0.50mm diameter)
TATL30 – 30lb Think Link (0.55mm diameter)


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