Luke Wallace – Amongst the Rush Beds
15th March 2019

Luke Wallace loves to get out there right through the year fishing for the carp in all weathers.

He always finds the time, whether it be his usual weekend trips or the odd short day trip mid-week, where quick location or prior groundwork utilising a bit of pre-baiting and watercraft is a priority.

With the incredible daytime temperatures we received at the end of February, Luke soon discovered a group of carp visiting a shallow reed fringed marginal shelf, basking in the warmth as the sun penetrated the sheltered water and attracted the fish with its influence. With the night temperatures dropping to below freezing, Luke knew his best chances of a bite were during the day and those short mid-week trips would be perfect. Fishing from his chosen plot Luke could give the spot a light dusting of bait before casting over tight to the zone and await the all-important early afternoon bite time with rods already in position before the fish turned up. Well it all went to plan and Luke landed a number of carp on his brief visits to the pit including these cracking old character mirrors with their withered fins and small rounded tails…

Luke fished typical spring tactics of low pops on 360 rigs over a light dusting of 12mm Sticky Manilla boilies and some boilie crumb. Fishing locked up against the vast reed beds called for robust and reliable tackle and Luke chose his favourite Tungskin hooklink material and our PTFE swivels to construct his rigs, using a new TA mainline we have been testing throughout last year – it certainly held its own in the tough conditions ‘amongst the rushbeds’!


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