Simon Kenny – TA Hooks on test at Horton

9th July 2018

Simon Kenny puts the new Thinking Anglers ‘OE’ hooks to good use.

Simon Kenny from Norfolk has been on fire lately, seemingly unable to put a foot wrong on his syndicate water Horton Church lake. The 34 year old welder recently finished up a 3 night session on the famous big fish water and sent in this report…

I’d done numerous laps of the lake but didn’t see any signs of fish anywhere so decided to set up in the dog bay that was on the end of the wind. I know the fish like this particular bay, but I hadn’t fished in it yet myself. I chose the slope swim as it is commands the centre of the bay and managed to get some clean drops amongst the silk-weed, but I knew my little hinge rigs would be presented. I baited with 2kg of mixed size Sticky Manilla boilies. That first night I didn’t see any signs of fish but on the 2nd evening I saw numerous shows out in the bay. It was during the early hours the following morning I got my first bite and that turned out to be a nice dark 43lb 6oz mirror. Once again, that evening the fish turned up and I got a bite just after dark and another at first light. They turned out to be a 25lb 4oz linear and a 24lb fully scaled. A great session!

Simon used Thinking Anglers size five ‘OE’ out-turned eye hooks which are on test with our consultants at the moment, on a combi-link hinge rig utilising our highly regarded industry first Tungskin hook-link on Olive Camo leadcore leaders.


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