Adam Raveney – Lucky Seven

20th March 2020

Adam Raveney just dropped us a line with his latest lucky seven bite bonanza session!

I arrived at the lake as usual after work on Saturday evening about an hour before dark. After a quick walk around I decided to venture up to the top end of the lake on the winter bank, the wind was pushing up into the top corner and with no pressure up there I knew there was a good chance of a bite but I also knew that it would only be a matter of time before the floating weed beds turned up and it was going to be a gamble if I could even keep my rods fishing.

After getting 3 rods out, I baited 2 of them quite heavily with approximately 2kg of 12mm,16mm & 20mm Krill boilies and a light scattering over the 3rd rod which was fished at close range in the corner. It wasn’t until about 10.30 before I’d finished battling with the weed that I finally managed to flick the kettle on. I fell asleep a little apprehensive that a couple of my rods might have already been pulled off the spots and that they may need redoing shortly after first light.

At around 5 am I woke to a belting take on my left-hand round which produced the most amazing fully with big ‘tiger like’ scales, this was to be the smallest of all the fish but an absolute stunner at 21lb 12oz.

I got the rod straight back out and then put the kettle on still worried about the other 2 rods but before I had a chance to make a brew the right-hand rod was away with what was to be the biggest of the morning, a lovely 34lb common known as the bent wrist common. I wasn’t even halfway through wrapping this rod back up when the middle rod was away and a lovely old mirror is known as half tail and the second 30 of the morning was in my net. Both rods went straight back out onto the spots followed by another couple of kilo of Krill boilies.

By this point, a couple of mates had turned up to help with photos, but before we had a chance to get anything sorted my left-hand rod was away again with a lovely mirror of 29lb 15oz, this was shortly followed by another take on my middle rod and a wicked 2 tone fully weighing 25lb 10oz

With 1 fish sacked up, 2 fish in retainers and both nets holding fish I decided not to put the rods back out and to get some photos done.

After about an hour I put the rods back out and it didn’t take long for another bite in the form of a stunning 31lb 6oz scaly mirror, just as I was about to try and get some water shots done I was into bite number 7 and the most amazing 29lb 10oz double row linear.

The rods didn’t go back out after that as it was time to head home and have that much-needed cup of tea… a quite unbelievable morning’s fishing and one that will stay etched in the memory for a very long time.


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