Sam Verstreken – Last Gasp Whacker

26th November 2019

Sam Verstreken has enjoyed a prolific season putting a number of our new products to the test on a variety of tough public venues across the continent. His consistent catch reports dropping to the inbox always contain some exceptional shots and this last one was no different, class carp from a class angler!

“Last week I returned to the lake for what probably would be the last session of the year on this venue. In the past weeks I had found a way to be effective on this lake and with the colder weather coming in I wanted to give it one more shot. After another late arrival (well past 1AM) I was a bit surprised that the spot that I’ve fancied for a few weeks was finally free. Seeing that it was quite busy with other anglers around the pit I didn’t waste too much time claiming the area. It must have been well past 4AM before all rods where into position but it was really important to have things spot on from the first time seeing I only had limited time and I didn’t want to disturb anything afterwards. After a really stormy day without any action I was actually quite confident moving into the night, I knew everything was still possible. At 3AM that night, I had a slow take on one of my rods and what followed was a really slow but strong fight. The wind and rain smashed into me while I was standing in the water playing the fish and it was hard to gain any line in the beginning. After a while it was coming in more easily and when it first appeared in the light of my head torch it was clear that this was an absolute unit. Off course the fish raged off again and after a few scary moments it was finally laying still in the swirling water in front of me. Without thinking twice, I putted my net under the fish and it was done. When I took a first look into the net I knew it had to be one of the A-team and after weighing the fish the scale confirmed it with a weight of 57lb15oz. But what was even more important to me was the immaculate look of the fish. I was truly impressed by its solid build and lovely autumn colors. Absolutely over the moon!”

Sam used his favourite snowman rig incorporating a TA Curve Point size 6, a TA rig ring and our Tungskin hook length in 25lb.

Sam baited the area with whole and chopped krill and Manilla boilies in 16mm + 20mm plus a few handfuls of tigernuts .

Well done Sam, an incredible year so far!





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