Sandhurst Social

12th April 2022

I arrived at Sandhurst for a social with myself and 9 friends – the group exclusive booking before us had not had much, and the lake had been fishing quite slowly due to a few frosty mornings in the days leading up to our trip. 

After a quick lap and the draw with me coming out second, I had noticed a few fish showing in right hand bailiff’s swim, which was where I was headed. 

Around an hour into the session my right hand rod erupted and I was met with a slow plodding weight as I lifted into it, I knew this was potentially one of Sandhurst’s gems and after a long battle I slipped “The Patch Common” over the net at 38lb 14oz. This was to be the first of an eight fish hit in just 48 hours. 

The following day the shows had died off and I was eager to utilise my time effectively so began to lap the lake. As i got to peg 11 i noticed a discreet show at range. This proceeded to develop into a heap of carp gear on the barrow, and the move was on!

After catching the ‘Patch’ on a D rig, I sent 3 of the same rigs, comprising of 20lb Tint Link and a size 5 Beaked Chod hook on an Olive Camo Helicopter Leader into the zone the fish were showing, at 20 wraps out. 

It was a matter of minutes before the first rod was away. This being “The Gaffa” at 39lb 2oz. I could not have prepared myself for what was about to happen next. As i was unhooking the fish, my middle rod burst into life and I was into another fish, a common at 30lbs 5oz. No sooner had I got those two rods back onto the spot, the third was away. This time it was weeded up, but the 15lb OGX mainline helped me coax the fish out of the weed. After a tough battle I landed “The Phoenix Fish” at 42lb 12oz – a new PB for me! With the light waning and a chaotic hour behind me, I decided I would brave the elements and do the night under the stars as I did not have time to put up a bivvy. 

With the fish returned and the rod back on the spot, it didn’t take long until the same bobbin tightened up slowly and i was into a mirror of 28lb 8oz, followed by another mirror at 26lb 7oz!

It was quickly turning into a red letter session you can only dream of! With the night in full swing, I was greeted with an explosive take, resulting in a 28lb 15oz mirror. After this, ready for bed, my middle rod let out a slow and steady series of beeps – as i lifted into this fish I felt another large dead weight.

After a short battle I couldn’t believe my eyes – “Nige’s” @ 42lb 3oz! 

This was definitely was a session I won’t forget – 4 of Sandhurst’s a team as part of an 8 fish hit in just 48 hours and coming home with a new PB!

Well done from all of us a TA Thomas, what a sesh!


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