Steve Reeves – 360 Degree Rotation

27th March 2020

Former engineer and owner of ‘Incognito Carp Leads’ Steve Reeves is a perfectionist – he’s sent us these catch reports, and tells us why he loves our PTFE swivels so much for his favoured rig.

“I’ve always been an advocate of the 360 rig from the point of noticing it on the rods of a rather well known underground angler as a teenager. Back then it was used exclusively with the Fox Series 5 hook, with its long, curved shank and the eye almost horizontal to the point, this made it sit perfectly upright. In later years when this hook became unavailable there was no other option but to tweak the eye of the hook inwards as the swivel would lean backwards, and being coated ‘en masse’ with black paint just meant that they weren’t the smoothest and would grind or lock up occasionally.

The Thinking Anglers PTFE coated swivels are a next level game changer! They are super-slick and the speed of rotation has increased tenfold. They have an almost slippery feel to them, an unrivalled range of movement in comparison to other brands I have tried.

I now no longer ‘in-turn’ the eye of the hook, but rather tweak the eye of the swivel over to achieve that inline/upright seating of the swivel, as there is zero chance of them jamming up.

With a size 4 TA Curve Shank and size 11 ring swivel tied to some unstripped Camsoft or a short section of Recoil, it really is a deadly efficient setup, which I rarely deviate from using.”


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