Simon Kenny – The Very Best Of Endings!

10th January 2019

Simon Kenny – The very best of endings!

‘I couldn’t wait to get back to Kingsmead after catching Armageddon at over 50lb’s, and having put bait in before I left, I felt sure if I could get back in my area I had a good chance of catching some more fish before the year was out.

I arrived at the lake around midday on the Sunday and as usual had a stroll around. Luckily for me, the right-hand point swim where I’d been catching from was vacant. I later found out there had been someone in there over the weekend, but they hadn’t caught. Rods where wrapped up to the marks and I put out a few Spombs of Manilla over the area, it was like clockwork for me now in the swim. Throughout the night, I’d heard the odd fish rolling near the area… I just knew I was in with a chance! Sure enough, the left-hand rod pulled up tight just before first light and whilst I was playing that one, the remaining rod on my pre-baited spot ripped off. Two in the net! Not a bad way to start a Monday morning! The first fish was a lovely 37lb 6oz linear and the second one a 17lb 8oz common.

That Monday afternoon I had another stocky just on dusk, so they were visiting me on a regular basis. Through the night again I heard the odd fish rolling and yet again just before first light, one of the rods was away. Funnily enough, this bite didn’t come off the baited area but to a rod fished out at range in front. The fight was almost the same as Armageddon the week before, very slow and extremely heavy. Once it when in the net I couldn’t believe the size of it, she was so wide! It turned out to be a fish known as the Scarred Mirror, Kingsmead 1’s biggest fish and well up in weight at a massive 54lb 8oz!

This was also a PB for me, so as you imagine I was over the moon. The rest of the session passed by quietly, not that it mattered of course!

I was buzzing at beating my PB, but not only that… I’d caught 2 50’s in December! Unreal!’

Simon used Olive Camo Leadcore leaders and his ever faithful Tungskin hooklink tied as a combi hinge with our new ‘on test’ Bristle Filament and size five TA Out Turned Eye hooks. A combination that is proving to be ultra-effective and incredibly reliable!



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