Off The Mark

8th March 2019

Guy Turnbull had a great start to the year when he ventured out for his first trip which coincided with storm Freya. Fishing his favourite Tungskin pop up rigs and braving the weather Guy takes up the story

“I had noticed a big weather front due to come in and so planned my first trip of the year around the storm Freya. I turned up to a quiet lake which I was surprised to see and after doing my first lap I found a few fish showing on the back of the wind, but I was in two minds if they would move onto the stronger winds when they arrived. After a good think about it, I opted for the back of the wind and fished to a silty gully where the fish were showing and cast two signature 14mm squids out ready for the stormy night ahead. The lake slowly started to fill up with anglers and the most of them opted for the end of the wind so I had no chance of moving if the fish did follow the wind, fingers were tightly crossed!

As the night started to fall and the wind became stronger I began to receive liners through the night and a long night it was! As first light broke I was watching the end of the wind when the left rod bust into life and after a short battle I had one of the stocked fish in the net. Not wanting to give anything away I slipped the hook and recast the rod to the spot. Not much time passed and the right rod pulled up tight and I leaned into another fish. This one was holding its own and was a completely different battle. After slipping the net under a long framed mirror I could see it was a decent fish, 30lb 14oz on the scales and what a way to start the year. I took a few shots of each side and slipped the chestnut flanked mirror back to its home and was just so glad I’d set up on the back of the wind and stuck with my gut feeling.”


Off The Mark

Guy Turnbull had a great start to the year using when he ventured out in storm Freya...

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