Simon Kenny – The Scarred Mirror

14th September 2018

Simon Kenny – The Scarred Mirror

Simon Kenny’s season just keeps on getting better and better. The move away from his exceptional results on Horton Church over to Kingsmead has kept the fire burning for Simon…. and the carp have kept on coming to his relentless approach. As ever, good watercraft, baiting strategy and rig placement have played the key roles in his latest result on the venue. Simon takes up the story…

‘I turned up at Kingsmead on the Saturday afternoon and after doing a lap of the lake, it was obvious the fish were fizzing heavily down at the narrow end of the lake. Getting my kit into the swim, I fished to the fizzers for the first night and got soft drops on both the rods confirming they were feeding in the silty areas now the weather was cooling off. A frustrating night followed where fish where showing on me, but no bites came so it was time for a re-think.

When I wound in the morning, my hook-baits where almost black and they stunk! I’m not a fan of fishing this type of bottom so I needed to change my plan of attack.

I decided to move swims that morning, to an area that still covered the fizzing activity, but I knew of a gravel seam on the edge of the area. My idea being, if I fished just behind the gravel, I’d still be in the area the fish where feeding, but the bottom wouldn’t be so soft and stinky! I also baited heavily with the Krill! I put enough out so they wouldn’t miss it!

The plan worked a treat over the next couple of days and I hooked mirrors of 24lb, 25lb 10oz, 29lb 8oz, 31lb 6oz, 33lb 6oz and 44lb 12oz. The 44lb was a fish known as the Scarred Mirror. I was particularly happy with this one as I’d stayed an extra night and had to pack away early for work…she came in the early hours of that final morning.’

Simon used his usual combination of Olive Camo Leadcore, Tungskin hook-links and our ‘on test’ TAOE Hooks in size five with white Sticky Krill pop ups presented over a wide scattering of the Krill boilies.




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