Olly Lukar – Bramblemere Session to remember!

7th September 2018

Olly Lukar – A Bramblemere Session to remember

Having payed the ‘mere a visit some six weeks prior to his forthcoming summer week session, Olly Lukar had done his prep and a little background homework. So, whilst walking the lake on that first morning of the week session, a few shows in a swim he had previous experience of fishing was exactly the start he needed.

Moving his kit round to the swim, Olly flicked a lead out and found the small gravel spot at the back of the weed line. Carefully clipping up, so his leaders were just onto the gravel, Olly decided to fish two rods tight onto this spot and fish the third round into the bay to his left where the fish sometimes gathered as the wind pushed in.

Baiting the main spot with 5-6 spombs of hemp and boilie, nothing happened during that first 36 hours, although he was seeing the odd show 15-20 yards past the spot. As the wind trickled in, the fish came onto the spot and a few bites materialised. Olly carefully topped up the spot after each bite. After two nights the wind picked right up and with the stronger wind and superb low pressure conditions, Olly gave them the bait and the action came thick and fast, even the odd double take as they smashed the spot.

Olly mounted our double ring swivels onto fluorocarbon leaders and tied up his D rigs from his favoured 15lb Tungskin, mounting his hook baits onto hook ring swivels. These rigs were then simply looped onto the swivels, ready to go after each bite. 

The week came to a close and Olly had racked up an incredible 27 bites from the Cotswolds venue with fish to 28lb+. An incredibly varied array of scaly mirrors, including some of the older residents, really special old carp!

A truly impressive bit of angling Olly; well done and thanks for your pictures!


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