After the inception of original products like the slick PTFE coated swivels and our acclaimed Tungskin coated hooklink material, our terminal range has grown in popularity as its reputation strengthened. That range has been bolstered with the introduction of ‘Camsoft’ and ‘Camstiff’ coated hook links, each of which are available in two breaking strains and three colourways, as well as specialist stiff and boom materials – namely Recoil and Think Link.

The TA hook range, that was designed with a pure no-compromise mindset and rigorously tested by our enviable family of Thinking Anglers for over the past two years before release, gives our customers the right set of tools to create perfect rigs.

Then let’s not forget the essential rig accessories, like our unique stripper scissors, easy to use hook honer and a host of other well-made tools.