Vlogs and raw material are the best way to gain knowledge straight from the horse’s mouth, completely unfiltered. As such, we created the TA|RAW platform, which follows several of our top anglers throughout their personal angling exploits. Rather than being limited to one or two sessions of the year like more cinematic projects, these vlogs follow our elite team everywhere they go.

Littered with unique tactical edges, TA|RAW immerses you into the mind of the angler, and reveals everything that makes them so successful. Of course, each vlog is packed with action too, with fish of well over 40lb in the UK and over 60lb in Europe featuring across this incredibly diverse series.

TA | RAW Scott Lloyd Vlog – 018

Scott Lloyd is back doing tuitions this time he starts on Birch Grove in Shropshire, before heading down to Linch Hill. You don't want to miss this one!

TA | RAW Scott Lloyd Vlog – 016

Scott is back again, following the epic capture of the Baby Black. Fishing alongside his brother, he celebrates in style and hopes to ride his luck onto Stoneacres.