TA | RAW – Nick Helleur – Vlog 011

13th April 2022

Nick Helleur’s TA RAWs have taken him from intimate venues on his doorstep, to vast inland seas in Europe, so why not do all of that in one vlog? That’s right this film sees Nick on countless venues, from Hampton Court Palace to some of the most remote, wild waters France has to offer. Starting in England, Nick enjoys some peaceful fishing locally, before he and his friend Trev Cooke jump in the van and head across the channel. For many watching from the outside, Nick’s European fishing can be seen as sunshine and roses a lot of the time, but rest assured he is human just like the rest of us! For two weeks, Nick and Trev battle torrid weather, swathes of other visiting anglers, and rack up a couple of thousand miles for a handful of very hard-won, public venue carp. If you want to find out what European adventure fishing is like in the real world, then this is the vlog for you!

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