Simon Kenny – Still On Form

28th November 2019

Simon Kenny has been on form again over on his Welly syndicate adding another host of big carp to his already impressive tally of bites from the famous big fish venue.

“With no signs to go on for the first night of my trip, I decided to drop into a swim in the corner of Bramble Bay. I’d seen some signs of carp there from the week before, so it seemed as good a starting place as any. But after a very quiet night I knew I was in the wrong place, so I packed all my kit up on first light and had a walk about. Heavy rain was due at midday, so I wanted to get settled in somewhere before then. 

Luckily on my second lap I saw what I’d been looking for a very subtle roll in the snags swim. Fishing the snags is not for the faint hearted; 40 yards out and locked up solid you have to be on the rod straight away and walk back. I’d fished the swim a bit in the summer, so I knew how close I could fish to the snags and still land the fish. 

The rods went out lovely and just as I was setting up my bivvy I saw another roll, confirming they were still about. The day passed without any other sighting and as I came into evening I was wondering why nothing had happened the snags is usually a day area I’d never had a night bite out of there. Just before dusk the middle rod pulled the clip and after a explosive battle an upper 20 mirror was in the net. Self takes where done quickly so I just had time to ping the rod back out. Unbelievably, 3 more times during the hours of darkness that same rod went resulting in a mid and upper 20 commons. The fourth bite however was a different animal altogether as I lifted the rod it was surging for the snags so hard I couldn’t gain any line and had to just hold on and hope everything held strong, luckily it did, and the fish kited away from the snag. Once it was in open water it just plodded about and once I had her in the net I was looking down on the unmistakable form of the big common and she looked massive. Unfortunately, she was a repeat and I nearly just slipped the hook out and let her go but then I thought she’s worth weighing just in case she was bigger. On the scales she went 56lb 14oz – a new PB, and although a repeat who couldn’t be pleased with an upper 50 common?

The swim seemed dead after it had got light so around midday I decided to have a lap of the lake after spending a day sitting on top of my rods, I needed to stretch my legs. I suppose it was a couple of hours later I flicked the rods back out and 10 minutes later I was doing battle with another powerful fish, this one turned out to be an old Welly character called lumpy. The final night passed by quietly, but I was more than happy with 5 fish, my best hit of the season so far. 

I was using spinner rigs Camsoft hooklengths and size 4 curves. I’m sure those size 11 swivels make my rigs more effective, they just spin so easily! 45lb Olive Camo leadcore leaders, and again, the on test 0.37 mono coping with the situation with ease. Free offerings were 12mm Manilla Active just catapulted to the edge of the snags – they certainly like the extra attraction they offer, in fact, bait was running out the back of old lumpy like you wouldn’t believe! I’ve only got a couple more trips now before I have to get stuck into some work through the winter, but I’m hoping maybe I can squeeze and couple more bites in. 

Many thanks to all for the quality bait and tackle 😀”

Nice one Simon, you’ve had another mega year!


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