Here comes the drop!
19th July 2018

Thinking Anglers – Terminal Drop: Summer 2018

For summer 2018 we have improved and expanded our top selling terminal range, all of which are ready to be reintroduced to retailers in our distinctive rebranded packaging.

Our swivels now come in a never been done before, super-slippery coating; a dark grey PTFE film coating which is processed by electroless plating for a more even, scratch-proof finish than ever before. We’ve now added ring, quick link and ring quick link swivels to our range in sizes 8 and 11, giving us a total of 10 different swivels to cover every type of rig requirement. All swivels are now finished in our incredible new coating as standard, offering unrivalled spin and rotation. The best hook-ring, double-ring and bait-screw swivels are now even slicker than our competitors!

The much anticipated 45lb Olive Camo Leadcore supersedes the original; broken up into 100mm alternating colour sections which aids its disappearance over all manner of lake-beds. Our leadcore has a thinner lead wire than most on the market, making it much more supple and allowing it to lie flush over the contours of the lakebed. Also available in 1 metre, helicopter and chod ready spliced leaders, tied to our exacting specifications and incorporating our new beads, PTFE swivels and accessories.

There are three new complimentary beads, which complete the leadcore family. The Leadcore Safety Top Bead comes supplied with Silicone Tubing to ensure a safe helicopter set-up when used in conjunction with our Leadcore. There are also two variations of Bottom Bead; 5mm green rubber and 5mm tungsten, both with a tighter ‘pin hole’ bore. All beads are supplied on TA spruces for ease of use.

The original Tungskin Hooklength that found itself a cult following is now as smooth as ever and in our new packaging – available in 15lb, 25lb and 35lb breaking strains to cover every eventuality.

As well as continuing our popular 12mm and 13mm sizes we have now introduced 10mm Cork Balls to the range – perfect for smaller pop-ups and home-made balanced baits. The Marker Float Kit is back in stock by popular demand, constructed from upgraded materials and now featuring a large rubber bead instead of a drilled cork ball.

For the remaining months of 2018 our top Thinking Anglers will be rigorously testing the rest of our new, unseen terminal range which is planned for a spring 2019 major launch. Many new products are in the pipeline, including hooks, hooklinks, rig accessories, a host of tools and new bolt-on products to our existing luggage range.

Good things come to those who wait, so watch this space!


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