Hielke Meijer – On The Hunt

13th September 2019

Hielke is always on the hunt for something a bit special, and with experience he knows there are times when its ‘on’ and times when you are best off elsewhere and saving your energy for the right moments. And so it was to be in August, a tricky old month at the best of times with the fish often lethargic and heavily pre-occupied on natural food. But there is always a chance somewhere!

“I’m after a mega old and big common on a hard and difficult venue so had not much to report recently. Last week though I decided to take on a little side project (whilst still pre-baiting the for the big common). A local lake with some cool characters needed my attention. On my first lap around the lake I spotted some fish under some snags and I decided to bait this spot for some days prior to fishing. With the change in weather last weekend it was time to try and catch some. The first overnighter resulted in two stunning carp (38lb common and a 30lb scaly one), a tench and a grass carp. They were clearly on the bait! After that night I dropped some more bait. The day after I was back for a morning’s fishing. After just 4 hours I landed another grass carp, two small commons and the biggest carp of the lake! A mega cool and dark 43lb 6oz mirror. Happy days!

All fish where caught on Manilla wafters on German rigs. These where made using TA Tungskin 35lb, TA hook ring swivels and TA Curve Shank hooks in a size 4 all fished on a ready helicopter leader. Perfect for the job!”


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