Ben Leuty’s Tungskin Corkers

30th October 2018

Ben Leuty has been having a great season so far using our Tungskin hook-link as a soft boom for his pop up fishing.

The supple and heavy nature of this coated hooklink makes it the perfect choice for fishing over a wide variety of substrates. The addition of our hook ring swivel screws to the rig makes it an efficient and quick way of mounting a hook-bait and retaining that free movement and 360 degree spin required to maintain optimum hooking potential. For overnight angling, a quick cast onto the spots with an efficient rig and a few pouches of boilies spread over the top causes little disturbance and gets the job done with minimum of fuss.

Here are two of many fish Ben has caught since using the Tungskin and hook ring swivel screw combination.

In Ben’s words… “Getting to the lake and casting out on dark, those bait screws are perfect for slinging out a pop up quickly and efficiently for a night, without rushing around looking for floss, scissors and lighters etc.” 

Good angling Ben!


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