Terry Wood – A May On Manor

24th May 2019

Here’s an update on Terry Woods latest adventures down on Linear Fisheries Manor venue.

Without doubt May is an incredible month to be out angling, but you have to remain adaptable and be prepared to ring the changes when needed. Terry is just that sort of angler and his reactive nature ensured a session to remember…superb mate!

Over the first few nights of the trip I struggled with the high air pressure but I knew just the way to get the bites coming… I was fishing zigs just inches under the surface during the day, then dropping them 2ft during the night. Landing 15 fish up to 34lb on the nose using the size 6 TA curve points. The hookholds were immense and I had no problem landing all the carp hooked which can be a problem on the zigs!

With the pressure changing part way through the session I adapted my approach. I have gone back to the deck fishing blow back rigs on the new braided hooklink Garth from TA dropped round to me yesterday and went onto the Size 4 curve points. I have landed 5 fish since up to 37lb 8oz fishing really close in, (7ft of water). I have had all my bites on the deck using Sticky The Krill wafters tipped with corn. Fishing over a little and often approach of 16mm krill using the throwing stick for the first time in years in conjunction with the pure liquid and matching active mix. Absolutely buzzing.

Well done Terry, reading the situation and adapting to the conditions brought you the success you deserved. Good angling!


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