Tom Stokes – UK’s Finest

11th July 2018

Tom Stokes – The Burghfield Common 53lb 8oz

Shortly after first light on Friday 6th July a take signalled the end of an incredible 4 year and 3 month journey for Thinking Anglers’ consultant Tom Stokes. In the midst of a July heatwave, the mighty Burghfield common finally succumbed to Tom’s relentless pursuit. The elusive old common had graced the banks just twice during Tom’s time on the huge water, a testament its wily nature and the size of the challenge involved in pursuing such a carp.

Having refined his tactics and rigs, mainly to combat the persistent Crayfish activity, Tom had landed well over 100 carp during his time on the lake, including many of the lake’s largest mirrors and a few of the older, highly prized residents. Putting a huge chunk of time, effort and bait into one swim last year had paid dividends, and Tom kept the faith in this area. Now into his fifth season, a subtle change in baiting scenario led to a recent capture of the Classic carp, a mirror well known to hang about with the Big Common. Just a few weeks later and fishing that same swim that had been so kind to him the previous year, Tom got the bite he was after, and the battle began…

Soon enough, The Burghfield common, the ultimate prize, was finally in Tom’s net. The elusive, revered and majestic old carp weighed an incredible spawned out 53lb 8oz.

A cray-proof rubber tigernut, mounted on a TA hook ring swivel was presented on our new Thinking Anglers ‘SE’ straight eye hooks, ones Tom has been testing for the past 18 months. Of course, the ‘BC’s’ time on the bank was spent securely on the luxurious padding of our beanie topped unhooking mat.

A massive well done Tom from all of us at Thinking Anglers…what an achievement!

Full interview and article to follow.


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