OCCUPATION: Business Development Manager
UK PB MIRROR: 45lb 6oz
UK PB LEATHER: 34lb ish

UK PB COMMON: 46lb 2oz

Catching big carp from heavily pressured circuit waters is tough at the best of times, but given just one weekend a month as a timeframe to do it in, with a family and busy job in the mix, undoubtedly the odds are stacked heavily against you. You’d never bet on them, but despite those odds looking unfavourable, Tim consistently manages to catch some of the UK’s finest through his precise, meticulous approach and a positive mental attitude – if he can find them, he’ll catch them, and if he can’t, he’ll have a lovely time along the way. Tim is one of the friendliest and most motivated lads you’ll meet out there – all for the right reasons!


Meet the Team

James Timberlake

'Timbers' is a talented weekend angler, who angles for a variety of species throughout the year.

Joe Atkinson

Joe Atkinson, known around the big-fish circuit waters in Essex, now opts to angle on the quiet lakes where the fish are not as big, but just as beautiful.

Liam Duncan

Liam Duncan, an angler who goes quietly about his business both on and off the beaten track, who fishes mainly weekend sessions with a busy work life.

Mitch Hammonds

With a host of captures from a range of demanding waters, Mitch Hammonds leaves no stone unturned in his search for the carp he desires.

Adam Smith

Come rain or snow, Adam Smith has spent the last few years chasing some of the most breathtakingly beautiful carp in Oxfordshire.

Scott Karabowicz

Scott Karabowicz, and his meticulous and precise approach to all he does has served him well on those notorious, historic and pressured lakes.

Myles Gibson

Myles Gibson, one of the country’s best up and coming big-fish anglers and has travelled the country in search of some of the biggest and best-looking carp.

Si Bater

Si Bater, an angler with a natural born hunters instinct. Passionate, focused and driven, he has an impressive portfolio of captures from around the country.

Marcus Howarth

Fishing is a huge part of Marcus Howarth and there isn’t a day goes by that he doesn’t think about it. It's not just carp either, but chub and barbel too.

Oz Holness

Oz Holness is a former British record carp holder with drive and passion that takes him across the country, in pursuit of the finest carp in the land.

Ben Hamilton

Ben Hamiliton, is a careful and ever consistent angler, whom builds his chances and opportunities around his work life with regular quick overnighters.