TA|Insights | Chapter Four | Days Only in London | Jake Wildbore

7th March 2021

Having been restricted to day only fishing nationwide during the early part of 2021, everyone can appreciate that limited time is a tough factor to deal with. That being said, there’s a group of venues located in London that have become synonymous with this type of angling, Walthamstow Reservoirs. This complex of reservoirs lies right in the beating heart of the Capital and is famed for its stock of old, beautiful carp that swim in the shadow of some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

Having fished the complex a few times, Jake Wildbore took on the task of tracking down the notoriously nomadic Walthamstow carp. Keeping on his toes, which isn’t easy with a camera crew in tow, he darts around the lovely Lower Maynard for the majority of his sessions. Containing some of the best-looking fish on the complex, the Lower Maynard is certainly a challenge, one which tested Jake to the max!

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