16th December 2018

TA | RAW is a brand-new vlog based series. We’ve armed a few of our consultants with 4K handy cams, so we can follow them through their day to day fishing.

In the latest instalment of the TA | RAW Vlog series, we pick up where we left off in vlog 001, with Scott Lloyd leaving Christchurch and heading off on a road trip to Belgium for the week. There’s highs, lows and everything in-between, as Scott and his brother Baz try there hardest to slip up some of the incredible fish they find in the vast canals and a secret lake.

Latest Video's

Materials Range | Cool Bag

Our compact Cool Bag has a foil-lined inner, elastic straps on the inside, external mesh pockets and a large front pocket for your precious cargo.

Materials Range | Compact Carryall

A compact carryall that’s great for day sessions or the mobile angler. It features four easily accessible pockets (two on the sides, one on top and one at the front)

TA | RAW Scott Lloyd Vlog – 002

Scott Lloyd leaves Christchurch and heads off to Belgium. There’s highs and lows with some incredible fish they find in the vast canals and a secret lake.

Materials Range | Rucksack

A compact rucksack, designed for short-session fishing, overnighters or even roving river trips. It’s packed with great features including well-placed internal pockets and outer bankstick holders.

TA | RAW Scott Lloyd Vlog – 001

Follow Scott Lloyd through the first few days of an 8-day trip covering a tuition on the mighty Linch Hills, Christchurch Lake before heading to Belgium.

Gaz Fareham | The Spinner Rig

We join Gaz Fareham on the banks of Junction-12 lake in Reading, where he talks us through how he uses the ultra-popular, Spinner Rig.