The original tungsten-coated hooklength material.

An incredibly heavy hooklength, with true 100% Dyneema braid inside. The Dyneema is a special fibre produced for the medical industry only. 

The coating itself is based on a material developed previously for F1 and NATO use, specially adapted for fine extrusion. Never before had it been used for coated fishing lines.

Tungsten content is 30% proportion of the overall material mass.

The dark-grey outer is easy to strip, revealing a supple braided core. Available in 15lb, 25lb and 35lb breaking strains.

TATS15 – 15lb Tungsten Coated Hooklength
TATS25 – 25lb Tungsten Coated Hooklength
TATS35 – 35lb Tungsten Coated Hooklength

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