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This specialist stiff skinned hooklink offers incredible performance, offering high strength for its diameter, high knot strength, an easy strip coating, and it also steams straighter and stiffer. Camstiff also sinks naturally. It sinks well and is available in three colourways to offer superior camouflage on gravel, sand and silt lakebeds and amongst weed.

Camstiff has become a firm favourite amongst our customers and our team of anglers alike, as it is a dream to tie rigs with, and the rigidity ensures the material works superbly with both lead clip and heli lead arrangements and a multitude of rig applications.

Camstiff’s outer coating is thinner and stronger than most other skinned hooklinks, which offers advantages in terms of presentation and rig concealment. The unique coating also resists rupturing on the knot – an issue that can compromise the anti-tangle properties of the finished rig with ‘lesser’ skins. The 35lb version offers that extra security when targeting big carp in weed or near snags.

Available in 20m spools in 25lb and 35lb in Weed Green, Gravel Brown and Silt Black.

TACSTWG25 – 25lb Weed Green Hooklink
TACSTWG35 – 35lb Weed Green Hooklink
TACSTSB25 – 25lb Silt Black Hooklink
TACSTSB35 – 35lb Silt Black Hooklink
TACSTGB25 – 25lb Gravel Brown Hooklink
TACSTGB35 – 35lb Gravel Brown Hooklink

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