The size 11 Quick Change Ring Swivels are the ideal component for attaching the hook onto Spinner/Ronnie Rigs when using knotted booms, as the integral ring means that the hook has controlled movement, ensuring the rig reacts faster when the hookbait enters the fish’s mouth, twisting and creating the best possible hook hold.

PTFE Quick Change Ring Swivels are also an extremely convenient means of attaching hook sections on hinged rigs too, especially when used in conjunction with braided or skinned hooklinks for the boom.

The extra-strong crook has been formed as narrow as possible, helping to keep your rigs neat and tidy whilst improving the hooking potential by maintaining the hook’s gape.

TA swivels are PTFE coated for super-slick, ultra-free rotation.

Supplied in packs of 10.

TARQCS – size 11 Quick Change Ring Swivels



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