The Multi Rig is one of my favourite rigs for the winter period. There are several reasons for this, the first and foremost, it lifts your hook away from any bottom debris. Secondly, it is a very subtle presentation, which sits low to the lakebed making it less obtrusive to the carp. Finally, the minimalistic nature of the rig makes it quick and easy to tie and it allows me to get away with a very small hookbait, of around 12mm.

I moved away from crude pop-up presentations and settled on the Multi Rig.


Start off by pulling off some Tungskin

Form a fairly large loop on one side

Make a break in the coating…

…and add a split shot to it

On the other end, form another loop and add a sleeve

Push this over the Quick Change swivel

Push the big loop through the eye of an Out-Turned Eye hook

Thread a Hook Ring swivel on and thread the loop over the hook

All that is left to do is to tie on the bait and you are ready to go

I love winter fishing; having to locate the carp in their most dormant state in the harshest of conditions makes it for me.



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