A fast-sinking and strong camouflage braided hooklink material. Duofleck features a lovely twin-colour sectioned camouflage, that effectively hides the hooklink across a multitude of lake and riverbeds.

The tightly woven, round profile braid perfectly balances the need for free movement with retention of a small degree of rigidity that minimises tangles. This balance offers true versatility, as it is still more supple than the softest skinned hooklink – the braided fibres can be opened to create softer sections in the hooklink, if required.

This balance means DuoFleck is ideal for circumstances where you want a hooklink that offers your hookbait less restricted movement, whilst retaining a reasonable level of control. This balanced feel essentially means that it will unobtrusively settle over ‘scruffy’ lakebed and on weed, can be used as the soft section on a proper combi rig, and of course excels a variety of specialist angling applications.

Available in 20lb and 25lb breaking strains.

TADF20 – 20lb Camo Braided Hooklength
TADF25 – 25lb Camo Braided Hooklength


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