Autumn time is all about boilie fishing for me and there is one simple rig that I come back to time and time again. It is quick to tie and super reliable even in the most demanding circumstances. It also allows me to use a crusted up wafter as my hookbait over the top of lots of freebies.


Take a length of 25lb Tungskin

Strip off a few inches of the coating

Drill a small hole using a hookbait needle into your bait

Form a hair and attach the bait

Tie on a small Rig Ring, allowing a cm or so distance to the bait

Move the ring round the size 6 Curve Point Hook and tie a knotless knot

Tungskin suits this rig perfectly, it blends in with silt and dark substrates perfectly

Add a piece of Shrink Tube

Form a big loop at the other end of the Hooklink

Shrink the tubing down to create an aggressive curve

Attach the loop to the Ring Swivel

Add a couple of blobs of putty to the Hooklink

The finished rig, perfect for fishing silty areas

I use a boilie mix, boosted with GLM and Pure Krill Liquid



The Multi Rig is one of Oz's favourite rigs for the winter period and he explains how he tackles a big lake when the temperature drops.

Gaz’s Autumn Rig

There is one rig that Gaz comes back to time and time again, the 'Autumn Rig'. It's quick to tie and super reliable in the most demanding circumstances.