Autumn time is all about boilie fishing for me and there is one simple rig that I come back to time and time again. It is quick to tie and super reliable even in the most demanding circumstances. It also allows me to use a crusted up wafter as my hookbait over the top of lots of freebies.


Take a length of 25lb Tungskin

Strip off a few inches of the coating

Drill a small hole using a hookbait needle into your bait

Form a hair and attach the bait

Tie on a small Rig Ring, allowing a cm or so distance to the bait

Move the ring round the size 6 Curve Point Hook and tie a knotless knot

Tungskin suits this rig perfectly, it blends in with silt and dark substrates perfectly

Add a piece of Shrink Tube

Form a big loop at the other end of the Hooklink

Shrink the tubing down to create an aggressive curve

Attach the loop to the Ring Swivel

Add a couple of blobs of putty to the Hooklink

The finished rig, perfect for fishing silty areas

I use a boilie mix, boosted with GLM and Pure Krill Liquid


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