These unique PTFE size 20 Hook Swivels feature a micro eye at one end, with a standard swivel eye at the other. The smaller eye is easier to draw into the hookbait, whilst the larger eye fits comfortably onto the hook shank, passing over a micro barb and working perfectly with TA Hook Beads. The near frictionless rotation means the hook can always twist towards the carp’s lip, even if it has clamped its mouth around the hookbait.

This makes this small swivel ideal as an alternative to the hugely popular TA PTFE Hook Ring Swivel, especially as a means of shank mounted hookbaits, or those occasions when you may want slightly more controlled movement of the hookbait in relation to the hook, say with a wafter as opposed to a pop-up hookbait.

TA swivels are PTFE coated for super-slick, ultra-free rotation.

Supplied in packs of 10.

TAS20 – size 20 Hook Swivels



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