OGX is a copolymer carp line that offers unsurpassed performance to carp anglers that need a reliable main line which maintains its performance even after protracted use. It is manufactured utilising the latest cutting-edge copolymer formula and manufacturing processes, which help combine both ultimate knot strength and exceptional abrasion resistance. The formula and surface treatment ensure it cuts through the surface and sinks wonderfully. In addition, OGX has that essential ‘steely feel’ that’s so important in relaying information back to the angler when the lead touches down.

Each bulk spool is supplied with removable line markers at 330m and 660m.

Available in 12lb, 15lb, 18lb, and 20lb+ covering virtually every carp angling scenario.

TAOGX12 – OGX Main Line 12lb (0.33mm)
TAOGX15 – OGX Main Line 15lb (0.35mm)
TAOGX18 – OGX Main Line 18lb (0.37mm)
TAOGX20 – OGX Main Line 20lb (0.40mm)


Due to the differential diameter of bulk spools and reel spools there is no single loading method that offers absolutely zero line twist. The recommended spooling method works very well with most carp sized reels.

To ensure that the OGX main line goes onto your reels in A1 condition we recommended that you maintain a constant check for a build-up of twist during loading, by reducing the tension from the tip to the spool regularly.

Regularly checking for twist during spooling means that you can easily tell which method works best with your reels. If the line is becoming twisted/curly adjust the orientation of the bulk spool by turning it label down, before returning the spool to the label up orientation when the twist has been negated.

If the build-up of twist continues then you should adjust the spooling method, loading from a bulk spool that is allowed to spin freely (like a wheel) in lukewarm water.

Extended pre-soaks before loading are not necessary unless you are maxing out the spool capacity to facilitate extreme range angling. A long pre-soak allows for the slight expansion of the line’s diameter as it absorbs water when it’s first used and stops this expansion pushing the volume of line on your perfectly filled spools up to being overfilled.

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