Grub Kickers feature a natural segmented shape and a short, 40° in-turned kicker to create a fast-turning and reactive hooking arrangement that improves the mechanics of most skinned or braided rigs.

Grub Kickers are available in Medium and Large in Green, Brown, Bloodworm Red or Tungsten.

Supplied in packs of 10.

TAGKMG – Grub Kicker Medium Green (10)
TAGKLG – Grub Kicker Large Green (10)
TAGKMB – Grub Kicker Medium Brown (10)
TAGKLB – Grub Kicker Large Brown (10)
TAGKMR – Grub Kicker Medium Bloodworm Red (10)
TAGKLR – Grub Kicker Large Bloodworm Red (10)
TAGKMT – Grub Kicker Medium Tungsten (10)
TAGKLT –Grub Kicker Large Tungsten (10)

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