Sam Pryor reveals his deadly rig, which has landed him several huge UK fish to over 50lb, at mega long range.

Despite having caught carp using all sorts of methods and tactics, all of which I love. A lot of people will associate my angling in recent years with long range fishing on Rockford in Hampshire. Fishing at range can be the most rewarding angling you ever do, but without doubt it can be some of the most frustrating too. I am very critical of myself when it comes to getting things perfect. When you can’t hit the clip just right, the spomb is going everywhere, the wind is bowing your lines, the drifting weed beds are taking you out and the tufties are picking you up, I often just want to go home with the shear frustration that my chances have blown.

The stiffer hooklink and hard hookbait allow birds to pick up your bait and the rig will reset when they drop it.


Strip 4-6 inch of Camsoft to reveal the inner core, then form a loop to attach your bait.

Thread through the eye of a size 4 Curve Point Hook, then take 25lb Think Link and tie a knotless knot trapping the hair against the shank of the hook.

Cut the end of the excess Think Link material and carefully blob with a lighter. Don’t bed the knotless knot down too much at this stage as you’ll need some room to form the hair length later on.

Cut around 12-15mm of Medium Shrink Tube and thread over the knot, making sure you’ve also threaded through the excess Camsoft.

Slide a Tungsten Dropper onto the Think Link to help keep the material pinned to the lake bed.

Attach your hookbait (s). Ideally a balanced bait i.e. Snowman or a single wafter.

Once your hookbaits are mounted onto the Camsoft, set the length of your hair to suit the hookbait, then trim the excess coming out of the shrink tube and carefully blob with a lighter.

The finished rig, ready to be hit to the horizon!

Sometimes however, things do go perfectly, and the benefits are there to claim. Amongst other fish, I have caught my PBs at long range, two 50+ mirrors from Rockford at 174 and 192 yards respectively. It is important when battling the variable factors which come with fishing at long range, that you use strong reliable tackle which is up to the job. When your rod is on the spot, you don’t want any worries about the integrity and effectiveness of your end tackle!


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