Fishing is fishing and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference. A family of forward-thinking, like-minded big fish anglers with a wealth of carp angling experience that really go the extra mile in their angling.

Ben Hamilton
Oz Holness
Marcus Howarth
Si Bater
Myles Gibson
Scott Karabowicz
John Cash
Lewis Read
Mitch Hammonds
Liam Duncan
Craig Edwards
Marcus Clark
Alex West
Scott Lloyd
Hielke Meijer
Baz Lloyd
George Benos
Steve Renyard
Nick Helleur
Chris Beasley
Simon 'Fluffy' Kenny
Tom Loraine
Bev Clifford
Philippe Haldermans
Roy Alofs
Josh 'Bankstick' Allison
Adam Smith
Joe Atkinson