2000 Mile Road Trip! – Gaz & Marcus

27th June 2019

‘Part of the problem with planning trips well in advance is you can never predict the weather, and this year the late spring filming trip with Marcus just didn’t fall favourably and we were stung by spawning carp seemingly everywhere we went.’

‘We did spend a couple of nights on a really cool old canal stretch where they were thoroughly done and dusted with the spawning a few weeks previous and it was a fascinating bit of angling, playing cat and mouse with a tricky stock amongst the weed and snaggy margins of the canal. Marcus bagged himself a mega 28 pound common within an hour of arriving after we found a group fizzing up close in. A carefully lowered in Krill wafter on the forthcoming ‘Think Link’ fished ‘D’ style with a size 5 OE did the job and we were soon admiring a beautiful black, big tailed common. That first night was quiet, but the second evening I bagged myself a beautiful, almost black upper 20 mirror and then another lovely plump one shortly after first light. Rigs for me were the ever faithful 35lb Tungskin hinge rigs with size 5 OE’s holding firm in the weedy, snaggy situation. Marcus added to his tally with a nice low twenty common and a strange, kinky backed mirror just before we left.

Before we knew it though we were off, loaded up and with the van pointed for Northern Germany, where we knew for certain the temperatures were cooler and they hadn’t spawned yet. In hindsight, we’d have been far better to have stayed on the little canal, but hindsight is a wonderful thing… Ten hours later, and a fair few coffees were rolled up to a massive SW storm front lashing across 2000 acres of German pit. It looked brutal, and there was little chance of us doing any angling that night, so we just watched that evening as darkness drew in, had some proper food and kipped in the car park, loading up the boat early the following morning and setting sail to see what we could find amongst the waves. The answer as it turned out, was very, very little and after two days of searching high and low, we only had one show and a day of complete wipe outs from the masses of drifting silk weed to show for our efforts.

Finally we found a few, set up full of expectancy, and then on the third morning, they spawned on us there too! Once again we wrapped up, with no intentions whatsoever of fishing for ones close to spawning and considered our options, this time heading back to Holland to meet a friend for a quick pit stop night on a Dutch canal. It was a beautiful spot, but a quiet night ensued, apart from the 100ft long Dutch barges passing by all night, and so we were once again off early the following morning, it did at least give us time to catch up on some sleep. This time we headed to another Belgian canal where we knew they’d spawned a few weeks previous. It was a tough two nights, with savage thunder storms, a brolly lost thirty foot over a road, tiny little spots amongst the weed and rocks and very little sleep, but Marcus did manage to nick one last bite, a cool little low twenty mirror that saved the day and we headed home happy, with a few new spots to head back to, some amazing sights seen, and some memories of a 2000 mile’r that never quite paid off, you win some you lose some!!!!

Hopefully the weather falls a little more in our favour for the next trip!’ 


2000 mile road trip!

A late spring filming trip for didn't fall favourably for Gaz and Marcus, stung by spawning carp everywhere they went!

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